Company History

Our Past

During our CEO, Ed Bogdan’s college years, he was encouraged by a professor to take on Information Technology (IT) consultant projects and speaking engagements. These experiences and his professor’s encouragement led Ed on the journey to establish Bogdan Computer Services, Inc., in 1989. Bogdan knew there was a growing need to assist small and large companies with technology solutions, including designing and developing software, programming, database systems, communication systems integration, training, and consulting services.

As the company grew, Mr. Bogdan quickly realized he did not want the company to be an average IT consultant. Larger regional and international customers were asking Bogdan to expand and offer networking, servers, storage networks, security, complete infrastructure solutions, integrated facilities systems, communications systems, audio visual experiences, low voltage, fiber, systems support, managed services, hosted data centers, cloud services and other solutions.

Bogdan pushed the company and focused on the training needed to be one-stop for all facets of technology. As a company, Bogdan became hooked on the exciting possibilities and opportunities that existed to use both new/emerging, as well as tried and true technologies to address customer needs. This innovative passion continues today.

Our Present

At Bogdan, the list of services we offer continues to grow to allow us to excel at what we do well: technology. We are a dynamic learning and growing organization focused on implementing the latest industry innovations to create inspired and well fitting solutions for your company’s technology needs. We offer a wide range of IT strategies, solutions, security, and support services to help your business get the most out of your hardware, software, workplace and marketplace. Bogdan provides technology services to customers including large international businesses and government organizations, as well as mid-size/small businesses and charitable organizations.

Our contacts and partners within the IT industry allow us to equip your business or agency with the highest quality hardware and products on the market at the most competitive prices. Bogdan Computer Services combines all of the essential technical services under one umbrella for your growing business, agency or organization needs.

Our relationships with our clients are of principal importance to BCS. Quality communication is a guiding principle for our employees, engineers and technicians. Our Project Managers will be there with you during every step to answer questions, keep projects on track, and on budget.

With onsite and remote management tools, Bogdan Computer Services provides you with the peace of mind… and when a problem arises, with focused rapid response and solution deployment.

Bogdan Computer Services is a technology leader:


  • Design and Build Services
  • Professional Services
  • Managed Services
  • Software Consultation
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Print Solutions
  • Structured Cabling
  • Electrical Services
  • Audio/Visual Solutions
  • Unified Communications
  • Security
  • Distributed Antenna Systems

Our Future

After thirty years, we still support several of our original clients’ technology needs. Bogdan has provided the highest level of quality support, strategy and consultation through technology’s booms and bubbles. Not only has Bogdan survived, but it has thrived and intends to do so well into the future. As technology continues to advance, Bogdan is there for you to grow and adapt to the changes in your industry. You can count on us to bring the most advanced technical services, strategies and solutions.

Bogdan will continue to provide in-depth consultation services, helping you use technology to its fullest potential, to cut costs, and improve efficiency within your business.