Institutional Public Safety and Correction Facilities’ Technology

Technology to Provide Security

Bogdan Computer Services understands the unique challenges that face our partners in the Institutional sector. Correctional facilities across the country come to us because we deliver reliable solutions to meet their distinct needs. Bogdan also prioritizes staying on budget for any project, and this is particularly true in Institutional Correction Facility projects.

Bogdan provides Correctional Facilities with complete and dependable surveillance equipment and systems. We also install, implement and service access control systems, data centers, wireless networks, and time card systems for our institutional clientele. Bogdan Computer Services is  an expert at handling correctional facility projects which can be large in scope and require trustworthy fortification strategies.

Bogdan implements secure, multi-use Wide Area Networks (WAN) to connect multiple industries and/or administrative offices. Linking these entities together allows the sharing of important information and utilization of the same equipment and software which helps to keep IT costs within budget.

institutional security technology