Audio and Visual Systems

The Clear Path to Effective Communication

Audio and Visual systems have evolved greatly over the decades and Bogdan Computer Services implements a spectrum of solutions as the technology has grown. What started as simply having a conference call line, PowerPoint presentations and display posters has video conferencing, interactive displays, electronic signage and sound systems. Bogdan continues to provide state-of-the-art, forward thinking options when it comes to supply and implement audio and visual technology.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing continues to be one of our most important tools  to connect with co-workers and clients across the globe. Seeing facial expressions and body language is critical when communicating and allows us to establish better relationships with one another. Reliable, user-friendly technology with crystal clear audio and visuals is expected from your employees and clients.

Bogdan Computer Services knows which Audio and Visual (AV) and IT solutions will meet your needs. Our experts guide you through the design and procurement process, then lead the implementation of your chosen product. Bogdan has worked extensively with Crestron, Cisco, Polycom, Microsoft Teams and Skype, and continues to evaluate additional options as the technology expands.

Video Displays and Sound Systems

High quality video display systems in conference rooms, board rooms and training facilities are a requirement in many industries. The design and build process used at Bogdan  ensures that the technology meets the needs of your business today and in the future. We will discuss and document every detail of the  project to meet the determined timeline and project budget.

Bogdan has you covered with interactive displays, video walls, electronic signage, and commercial displays. Implementation of full sound systems, including ceiling speakers and wireless microphones, ensure every word you say is heard loud and clear.

Auto echo-canceling sound processors will enhance the clarity of all of your audio communications. This technology filters and removes echoes, feedback and reverberations within your space. With this system, you can also isolate and remove unwanted sounds allowing everyone to focus on the conversation at hand.

Sound Masking

Sound masking is a key to success when it comes to enhancing privacy in the workplace. Government regulations in industries such as finance and healthcare require that conversations be held in a secure environment where others cannot overhear discussions about sensitive information. The sound masking technology suggested implemented by Bogdan will be is invisible to the naked eye and will works with the existing acoustics in your workspace.

Sound masking solutions have also been proven to enhance productivity and satisfaction by providing a quiet and secure environment for private discussions. These types of technology enhancements are especially important in open space worksites.

Public Address Systems

An innovative public address system is the perfect solution for clear and reliable broadcasting of time-sensitive communications. Whether your needs are for simple overhead paging, emergency notifications, or using a programmable clock-based alert system, Bogdan has you covered. We offer solutions from upgrading existing systems to better meet your requirements, to implementing an entirely new PA system. Our proven track record in working with PA systems provides you with the peace of mind you need for your business.

Bogdan handles every aspect of your audio and visual system requirements. We can certify that all of your technology works together, so you can focus on the business at hand.