Design and Build Services

Creating Your Dream Worksite

Bogdan Computer Services design and build process puts the focus on creating your dream worksite or workstation. Whether we are outfitting your current workspace or building a new facility from scratch, our dedicated team of Project Managers and Engineers care for every detail. Decades of experience in design and build has allowed Bogdan to fine tune the process and develop best practices.

computer services design and build process
Our process for design and build begins with a thorough interview with our client. It is important for Bogdan to understand your current IT infrastructure environment. We want to know what you like and don’t like about your existing space and the technology within that space. It is also necessary for us to understand client growth plans so we can prepare for the future.
At Bogdan, projects may be as simple as the design and build of just one workstation or as complex as outfitting an entire facility. Each project gets the focused attention to integrate your space with the best technology.

Evaluation of client information and data allows Bogdan to present available options to choose from. The right choice may be to adjust the current technology or to design and implement an entirely new solution. Our dedicated staff guides you through the process with the knowledge from our decades of experience that the needs of each client is different.

As Bogdan designs your space, we complete extensive drawings of your floorplan or workspace. Bogdan designs for the entire building keeping in mind future needs and how the industry is advancing. These floorplans provide significant details such as workstation, conference room and server room. Before any work begins, we plan for every plug, printer, phone, security point, network cable and audio-visual equipment. Finalized drawings are available to allow for adds and adjustments for future technology projects.

computer services design and build process

Each design and build is assigned a dedicated Project Manager (PM). This PM is responsible to see the project through completion within a timely manner and with quality workmanship. The PM coordinates each phase of the build including permitting and inspections. A walkthrough of each phase with the PM keeps you informed, as well as “as-built” drawings detailing the IT environment upon completion of installation.

Let Bogdan help you create the workspace of your dreams.