Distributed Antenna Systems

Reliable Cellular Coverage

Have you ever had to walk to a different location in your building to take a call on your cell phone? Reliable service within your office is a requirement for running a connected and accessible business. Bogdan Computer Services installs and implements effective Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) which will provide dependable connectivity to services throughout your building.

Distributed Antenna Systems are the preferred method for expanding coverage where cellular coverage is not reliable. DAS technology boosts your cellular signals without disturbing your worksite with complex construction. This technology takes the existing cellular signal and distributes it throughout your location. The Bogdan team evaluates your space and determines the most cost-effective and efficient way to disseminate a reliable signal across your business infrastructure.

After decades of Information Technology experience, Bogdan has excellent relationships with all major carriers. Our detail-oriented staff obtains permission from cellular carriers, if required, and coordinate aspects of the project with those carriers when necessary.

Distributed Antenna Systems are the perfect solution for a business where reliable connectivity is mission critical. DAS networks are popular in the healthcare industry, public facilities such as shopping malls, school campuses, stadiums and office buildings where there is a greater demand on the network.

Adding a Distributed Antenna System gives your business the reliable cellular network that your business and customers deserve.