Securing your Assets

Nothing is more important than the security of your employees and your business as a whole. No one should have to worry about being safe when on the job. Bogdan understands this and with our security solutions, we approach each engagement as if we were protecting our own families, employees and assets.

Our Consultants provide an extensive review of your current workspace to identify areas of opportunity where we can improve the overall safety of each location. Every location we evaluate has different needs, and therefore, demands implementation of different solutions which work best for your business.

Bogdan presents a variety of security solutions that fit into your budget. We handle all aspects of your project from design all the way through implementation of the chosen solutions. Know that whatever you choose, we are always thinking towards the future so that your security system can grow with your needs.

Access Control Systems (ACS)

Access control systems are implemented  to provide the right access to the right people at the right time. ACS may be used to limit access to sensitive information or monitoring movement between rooms or locations. Whatever ACS security your business needs, Bogdan ensures that the system we design meets your industry needs.

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems are an effective tool for solving crimes, but are an equally valuable tool in preventing crime. Bogdan designs and implements video surveillance systems which are integrated with your existing security strategy or equipment. Our solutions can also send urgent notifications to you, provide live streaming to your cell phone and allow you to manage your system from remote locations.

Duress Systems

Duress systems send wireless, real-time urgent notifications that show the exact location of a person when support or help is needed. Bogdan has the expertise and the right partners in the industry to offer you cost-effective and reliable Duress System solutions for businesses of all sizes. Duress alarms are especially effective in high threat environments, in the hospitality industry, in education and in hospital or healthcare settings.