Unified Communications

Connecting People across the Globe

A Unified Communications (UC) strategy is a comprehensive approach that integrates various communication channels and tools to enhance organizational efficiency and collaboration. By combining voice, video, messaging, and data-sharing capabilities into a seamless platform, UC streamlines communication, leading to increased productivity and cost savings

A successful UC strategy begins with a thorough assessment of current communication processes and technology infrastructure. Identifying user needs and pain points is crucial in designing a tailored solution. Emphasis should be placed on selecting a flexible and scalable platform that accommodates future growth in conjunction with evolving technologies.

Security and privacy are paramount in a UC strategy, as sensitive information may traverse various channels. Robust encryption and authentication mechanisms must be implemented to safeguard data.

User training and change management are vital for successful implementation. Encouraging employee adoption of the new system will promote its effectiveness and drive organizational success in the digital age.

A unified communications strategy is a requirement for any business today. Employees, associates and executives are working from locations across the globe and need the ability to seamlessly connect and share content. Having the right technology in place is a key to building relationships in the workplace and the marketplace.

Bogdan Computer Services will conduct interviews with your team to build a complete understanding of your communication needs; from a central phone system to video-enabled devices. Recommendations are based on your requirements and our decades of experience in the communications industry. Bogdan is involved in every step of the process including the design of the strategy, the sales process with outside vendors, and the implementation and service of your unified communication design.

Bogdan Computer Services has experience working with all of the major carriers in the communications industry. We bring you reliable and innovative technology from our trusted partners including Cisco, Polycom, Microsoft, Grandstream and Crestron.